Annual Program 2021


We tend to put off hard decisions about what would be important to us as the end of our life approaches and post-death happens. In our death-denying society, myths, fears and barriers create anxiety about these important topics, but we need not be bound by them. Imagine the peace of mind it would bring to know your loved ones are aware of and fortified with documents that advocate for your preferences if you were unable to do for yourself.

In this workshop we will take a stronger path together, exploring three broad areas of end-of-life planning: deciding, documenting and discussing. These skills go beyond the typical list of advance directives that every person needs, adding your personal voice, expressed in short letters or narratives, skilled management of digital files, storage that makes paper documents easily accessible and establishment of a strategy for reviewing and revising these decisions over time. With these actions you will empower your surrogates and lessen the possibility of family conflict. 

Once you have personally exercised this powerful strategy your colleagues, client and circle of family and friends can benefit from your experience and coaching, as you support them toward choosing the same comfort and closure for themselves.



Participants will gain knowledge about and skills for:

  1. Reviewing the three broad areas of end-of-life planning: deciding, documenting, and discussing.
  2. Encouraging and motivating people to put their decisions about their final wishes in writing.
  3. Identifying the cultural values, faith beliefs, age related and family dynamics that play a role in these decisions.
  4. Learning about innovative efforts being made in other communities.