Funeral Costs

Funeral Costs

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City, unfortunately, is not able to provide financial help for persons in need of death-related services. Charities, faith communities, and county governments sometimes help, however.

Residents of Jackson County, Mo., may call the county counselor’s office, 816-881-3355, to seek help with indigent burials or cremations.

Residents of Platte County should call the public administrator’s office, 816-858-2130, and Clay County residents also should call the public administrator’s office, 816-407-3250.

On the Kansas side of the metro, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, and Johnson counties generally help only when bodies are unclaimed by family or friends but not when people are seeking financial help to bury or cremate deceased family members or friends.


Funeral Price Survey

 2018 Standard Details Survey 

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City holds itself responsible for educating the public about the realities of price ranges for after-death services including full standard funerals, cremation, and the many options available for each service.

Knowing the range of prices is important to all consumers, but especially to families whose finances may be precarious and who could be at great risk by incurring funeral-related debts.

To help consumers make informed choices, the FCA-GKC has for years gathered these prices from about 95 area providers every two years and published those prices in print and online. The information comes from the general price lists that funeral homes are required by the Federal Trade Commission to make available to consumers. Our intent is to begin continuous updating of prices online.

These most recent prices were collected in late 2018 from general price lists. The FCA-GKS Funeral Price Survey is the only place in which all Kansas City-area funeral industry prices are provided in one place.

Pages 1 and 2 contain cost information on the three most basic and traditional consumer options: direct cremation, immediate burial, and standard funeral. Pages 3 and 4 provide more detail, including prices for each element of a standard funeral.

We hope you find the survey helpful and interesting.


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