Funeral Costs

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City, unfortunately, is not able to provide financial help for persons in need of death-related services. Charities, faith communities, and county governments sometimes help, however.

Residents of Jackson County, Mo., may call the county counselor’s office, 816-881-3355, to seek help with indigent burials or cremations.

Residents of Platte County should call the public administrator’s office, 816-858-2130, and Clay County residents also should call the public administrator’s office, 816-407-3250.

On the Kansas side of the metro, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, and Johnson counties generally help only when bodies are unclaimed by family or friends but not when people are seeking financial help to bury or cremate deceased family members or friends.


Only one survey of prices charged by cemeteries has been attempted by FCA-GKC volunteers.  That was in 2011 and only half of this metropolitan area’s 69 cemeteries responded with their prices.  The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule does not require cemeteries to share their prices as it does funeral homes. When cemeteries are brought under the Funeral Rule, we will update this list of prices. 

 The survey still has value for its directory’s listing of cemeteries by county with addresses and phone numbers.   


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