Board of Directors of GREATER KANSAS CITY


Diane Etzel-Wise

Diane holds a master's degree in health services administration and more than fifty hours toward a doctorate in social work. Although she is retired from full-time employment in academia and mental health service, she consults and trains in mental health and trauma issues for non-profit organization and government agencies. 


"I was introduced to FCA of GKC about four years ago. As a social worker and educator, I was drawn from the beginning to the mission of supporting informed decisions about funerals"


Amy is an associate teaching professor and MSW Program director at the Unversity of Missouri-Kansas City. She holds a master's degree in social work, is a licensed clinical social worker and is a candidate for a doctorate in education. 

"I was invited to join the Board. It 's an area of interest for me, so it is a good fit."


Amy Simmons


Jackie is a licensed clinical social worker at the Hospice and Palliative Care Program. She holds bachelor and master degrees in social work.


"I attended a workshop by a former FCA board member and learned about the organization I wanted to be part of this organization and its message providing needed resources for the community."

Jackie Amweg

David is retired. He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the Kansas State University.


"I was invited to become a volunteer by another FCA board member in 2016. I am a retired accountant and felt I could use my skills with numbers to facilitate FCA's finances and its funeral home price survey."


David Johnson

Lynn Anderson
Carol Condon
Angie Martinez
Steve Nicely
Kate Sargent

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