Price Surveys - Why are they so important?

Knowing the range of prices is important to all consumers, but especially to families whose finances may be precarious and who could be at great risk by incurring funeral-related debts. To help consumers make informed choices, the FCA-GKC has for years gathered these prices from about 113 area providers every two years and published those prices in print and online. The information comes from the general price lists that funeral homes are required by the Federal Trade Commission to make available to consumers. Going forward following the 2024 update survey, continuous updating will be online. The FCA-GKS Funeral Price Survey is the only place in which all Kansas City-area funeral industry prices are provided in one place.

Disclaimer: Because of the pandemic and closures, these most recent prices were not collected in 2022. Some funerals homes were not online or no information was provided.  So data was lifted from general price lists (GPL).

Federal Trade Commission: The Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), makes it possible for you to choose only those goods and services you want or need and to pay only for those you select. The Funeral Rule was last published in 2012. The comission now is in the process of updating the rule. The link currently is still a great resource to read detailed consumers rights.

Area average prices for specific services

Basic Services


Transporting the Body


Funeral Service



Graveside Service

Body Preparation











The immediate burial and standard funeral price do NOT include the cost of a casket or a cemetery plot. The cost of caskets and burial vaults are substantial but vary greatly from home to home. More detailed information is in the Fall 2020 Newsletter.


The least expensive methods available - direct cremation and immediate burial - are explained on the cover. Below is a listing of the 10 lowest-cost providers in each category.

Direct Cremation

Reflections Funeral Home



Kansas City Funeral Directors $750
Highland Park Funeral Home $795
Golden Gate Funeral & Cremation Svc. $795
Complete Cremation $895
Cashatt Family Funerals $895
Mary Butler Meyers Funeral Home $950
Royer Funeral Homes $990
Royer-Hayes Funeral Homes $990
See Price Survey for four providers  $995
Immediate Burial

E.S. Eley & Sons Funeral Chapel



Serenity Funeral Home $1,195
A Better Place Funeral $1,300
Heartland Cremation & Burial Society $1,495
Lawrence A. Jones & Sons Funeral Chapel $1,495
Watkins Heritage Chapel $1,495
Thatcher’s Funeral Home $1,495
Mullinax Funeral Home $1,525
Mrs. J.W. Jones Memorial Chapel $1,570
Golden Gate Funeral & Cremation Svc. $1,595
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