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The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City mission is to educate and support individuals and families in making informed decisions about death-related services consistent with their values and lifestyles.

We are a 501© (3), not-for-profit, all volunteer organization and are affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance. We have no financial ties to the funeral industry. The FCAGKC receives no compensation for any reference, listing or recommendation. Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City does not provide financial assistance for funerals or burials.


Our Funeral Home Price Survey provides a list of prices for all area funeral homes for standard funerals, immediate burial and direct cremation. It has become an essential resource for consumers in the Greater Kansas City area. Our goal is to provide consumers an understanding of all their options in order to make informed decisions whether in preplanning or during the stressful time of planning an immediate funeral.

Please consider sharing your time and talents with our all-volunteer organization. Volunteers have sustained FCA-GKC for over 60 years.The ever changing conditions in the funeral industry underscore their importance of this work.

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Some topics, resources and prices you will find:
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My Wishes Form (in development)
4 Steps in Funeral Planning
Information for Death Certificate
Overview of Your Funeral Consumer Rights
Why Price Surveys are so Important
2023 Funeral Home Price Survey
Facts vs Fiction
Average Cost 0f Funeral Services
Solving Problems
Veterans Benefits
PrePayment versus PrePlanning
Death Away from Home

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Article Available in Mother Earth News written by Carla Tilghman:
Natural Funeral Practice

"If you search online for “green death,” the first results might include a “Doctor Who” television episode; a “How to Train your Dragon” wiki fandom for the franchise; a heavy metal band; articles on the perils of 19th-century arsenic-based dyes; and a vodka-based cocktail. From these results, you might conclude that “green death” as a concept hasn’t entered common parlance enough to trump these other cultural touchstones. But thankfully, searching for “green funerals” or “green burials” instead reveals the opposite: there are many alternatives to traditional burial or cremation that are increasingly available. All these death-care practices share a focus on environmentally safe, humane, and loving ways to care for human and animal bodies, so you can choose the one that fits your last wishes."
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Fun Fact: A new take on cremation urns
Many funeral homes and crematories have a wide selection of urns, from the plain to the ornate. But the funny thing is, any attractive piece of pottery seems to jump in price the moment the word “urn” is affixed to it. A similar container sold for another purpose might be just as suitable, and cheaper. One woman’s family put her ashes in a favorite cookie jar—a fitting tribute to a grandma who prided herself on her baking. Think about finding a container that has meaning in a family member’s home.

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Kansas City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational and charitable organization. Your donations are tax deductible and support our work to educate and support people in making informed decisions about death-related services.


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