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Today’s cremation options: Fire, water, digital
U.S. Post Office change policy for shipping cremation ashes
Rapid growth seen in pet cremations
Shifting arena in low-cost cremations
Crematory exhaust to heat pools
Clearing up common cremation myths
Cremation trend a focus of Catholic cemeteries

Consumer’s guide to cemeteries
Some cooperate,, some don't in cemetery price survey
Highland Cemetery transfer complete

Don’t assume others know your wishes
Education, conversation make all the difference
When transporting bodies by air
Mom: Ever the pre-planner
What hospice does 
After the funeral check list
Golf course memorial
Lessons learned in 10 years with FCA
The funeral is now over; what next?
Industry trends and pressures
Tahara, Jewish burial ritual
Preparing her body at home
Obituaries, yes, but count words carefully 
A tree (memorial) named Amy
Hurting from a loss? Grief support helps
Many wait too long to make last-minute choices
First, a deathly frame of mind helps at home funeral workshop
Tool for learning about loved one's wishes
Supporting the death transition as a birthing

Funeral Costs
Funeral home ownership affects price
So many options around funerals
Who pays for funerals when they die broke?
OK to refuse package deal
Independence store sells directly to consumers; buying your own casket is legal
Creative ways to lower funeral costs
Trappists sell caskets
Confirm your preneed funeral or cemetery contract
Preplan but don’t prepay
Think twice before you prepay
Cemetery Price Survey

Home funerals
Supporting families in keeping death close to home
Returning ‘home’ to a more meaningful way of death care
Home funerals, family rights & the law
Back to the basics with do-it-yourself funerals
Home funeral & natural burial resourcesTwo pursue roles as home funeral guides
Socks and no bra … or I will haunt you
Long path from son’s death leads to casket-building project
The home funeral experience
A home funeral and burial in a favorite spot
Tyler's home funeral
Tyler Fracassa family update
A meaningful natural burial
Home funeral guides
Home funeral workshop

Legal Issues
Obtaining a death certificate without a funeral director
Not a benefit but a deception for insurance
Your FTC Funeral Rule rights
A Funeral Rule brush-up
Confirm your preneed funeral or cemetery contract
The paperwork of death
An easy advance directive
Right  of sepulcher

Natural Burials
Burial options at Highland draw brisk sales
Funeral homes will provide help with elements of a natural burial
Islamic Center gets a cemetery of its own
Highland Cemetery transfer complete
Heart Land Prairie Cemetery dream coming to life
Green burial, Highland & me
Historic Prairie Village cemetery offers natural burial
First exclusive ‘green’ burial cemetery coming to Kansas prairie
Grave digging: How deep must it be?
Resistance to natural burial shows remarkable solidarity
Husband’s home funeral, burial helped family deal with his loss
He wanted a natural burial, but…
Green burials arrive in Lawrence
Funeral industry must follow growing green burial demand
Muslims and Jews: Veterans of natural burial
It’s not easy turning green
The hottest cemetery-related topic: Green burial
No ‘green’ cemetery near you?
Tree trunk coffin
Sister Regina's natural burial
Hybrid funerals

Generous burial options for veterans and families

Body, Brain and Organ Donations
Gift-body resources

Another great resource is Body, Organ and Brain Donation (provided by national Funeral Consumers Alliance)



60% of the population today choose cremation as their option.

Simple Burial
Simple Burial
Natural Burial
Natural Burial
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